Curious Mind of a Kid


My husband and I are enjoying every minute of tending to our bed and breakfast. We always see to it that our customers are always satisfied with our services. We even have our usual customers who come here often and we became close to their families and friends. One of our favorite customers is the Richards family. They come here once in two weeks and they stay for two to three days. They choose to come back here often because they told us that our staff are friendly and our service is superb. Sometimes even better than those pricey hotels and I told them that it is truly our mind set on running our business, to give an excellent service with affordable prices.

I really became close to their family, as I have already invited them to our home for a hearty dinner. Jim made barbeque and I did creamy, herbed mashed potatoes and a healthy, green salad with balsamic vinegar and olive oil. We all had a great time eating. They have a very curious five year old daughter named Jean and she was asked us about silly and funny things like can dogs eat bananas. I asked her if she has a pet dog back home and she told me that she would love to have one, but her parents do not want to give her one because she is still too little to take care of it. I told Jean that she could try feeding our dog outside and she was delighted about it. She asked me if our dog bites and I told her that our dog is the most well behaved dog in the entire world and she laughed. I told her that I could accompany her after dinner to try to feed our dog with bananas, if her parents will allow her to do so and her parents agreed.

After dinner, I got a ripe banana and gave it to Jean to feed our dog. I called Spot and he rushed towards me. I introduced our dog to Jean before letting her feed him because we have trained our dog not to accept foods from strangers, as it could be fatal. Jean was so thrilled when the dog ate the banana that she gave him. I told her that our dog is not choosy with food, but I added that we feed him hypoallergenic dog food most of the time. She asked me about what are those types of dog food. I told her that it is a kind of dog food that does not contain ingredients that would lead our dog to have allergies like rashes, hives and unexplained itching. I shared that it develops over time, so we just chose to go with a pricy, but better route of food for our dog. I added that they are safer kinds of foods because some dog food companies put allergens in their ingredients to make it cheaper for the public.

Mr. and Mrs. Richards were so thankful that I was indulging the curious mind of their daughter. They told me that they would buy her a dog, if she is well behaved for the coming months. We continued talking as their daughter is happily playing with Spot.

Recruitment Process


I am really having the time of my life as my dream finally came true. I now own a Bed and Breakfast business and it makes me wake up with more vigor and enthusiasm every morning. I am in charge of our menus and more about the recruiting department, while my husband is in charge with marketing because he is excellent with PR stuff as he used to work in a corporate advertising company.

My best friend Melanie, asked me about how our recruitment process is done and I told her that it is as normal as other businesses do it. She was surprised that I did not know of the Myer-Briggs Type Indicator test and I was clueless about what she said. She explained that such test is used by Forbes Magazine listed business companies and they love it because it helps give them an idea on which post is appropriate with people who wants to work for their companies. I told her that I will research about it later and maybe, our business can also benefit from such an indicator test.

After dinner, I went in front of my laptop and searched about MBIT. I found out that the Myer Briggs Type Indicator or MBTI is used by countless organizations and industries and it enables to help them work with their team so that everyone gives their best performance. It also helps them understand more about how people communicate, interact, and collaborate towards people and in different kinds of situations. I also encountered a number of people who hated MBTI saying that it is useless and will just waste my time in sorting people. Even psychologists, the inventor’s peers, were saying the same thing and they even use a different personality test to assess their patient’s character and personality, but the weird thing was why the business executives from Forbes love it despite the hatred of other people towards MBTI. My curiosity grew bigger as I further read about it. I thought to myself that I have nothing to lose and everything to gain so I want to gamble and maybe use it for a week and maybe it will turn out okay. You will never know, right?

I learned that ENFJ relationships are people who are naturally Givers as they are highly sensitive to other people’s feelings. They are also fun to be around and tend to be approachable and trustworthy in nature. They are also quick learners and excellent multi-taskers to have around in the workplace. They are also very reliable, and hardworking. With the information that I currently gathered, these types of people could be relegated with works like receptionists, managers and supervisors.

On the other hand, INFP relationships are people who are very idealistic, open minded, creative and very flexible people. They are also known to be sensitive, caring, and very compassionate towards others. They tend to have excellent writing skills and can be extremely persuasive with their written words. These types of people are very effective in working as musicians, religious workers and pharmacists.

I still have fourteen more relationship types to read and I think that I can make good use of it on my recruiting. I will try to use it for a certain period of time and see if it really is effective.

A Day to Forget


Have you ever experienced a day wherein everything seems to go wrong? Even the simplest of things and the things that you do every day, seems to go wrong all of a sudden, and no matter what you do to prevent it, it will mess itself all up. Well I had such a day today and let’s just say it wasn’t fun. No fun at all.

It all started when my alarm did not go off as expected this morning, even though I did carefully set it last night, as I do need to wake up early to go to the market to get fresh produce. I woke up two hours late and in no way able to go to the market anymore as I know there won’t be anything fresh left for me to buy there.

Oh and did I say I woke up with a pounding headache, the kind that happens when I sleep more than what I am accustomed to? Well my husband unwittingly got the full brunt of it and let’s just say I was grumpy as grumpy can be. You really don’t want to see me when I am in that frame of mind, ever.

In the afternoon, while re-arranging the furniture in the den to make way for a new sofa, I somehow managed to jam the little finger on my left foot against the feet of one of the side tables scattered around the receiving area. Well I guess it is not enough that I already have arthritis on that foot, so I went ahead and added a sprained finger to it.

Several inopportune things, mostly not of my doing, happened throughout the day, which apparently drove me very close to insanity. Thankfully my grandchildren came to visit and it actually did lessen the tension that I am feeling. My husband making himself scarce during the day did not help at all. He probably knew what was going to happen to him so he very much decided to go as far as he possibly can from me.

Just this evening when I was close to retiring to the bedroom, and just when I thought that nothing more can upset me, another thing came to my attention. While I was washing my face against the mirror in the comfort room, I noticed small cracks on my finger nails, and upon closer inspection, I found out that I had peeling fingernails.

Maybe I got it from doing the laundry earlier in the day. That’s probably it I presumed, as my nails don’t react particularly well with detergents and other strong chemicals. I always use gloves when I do the laundry and it got me to thinking of why I did not use one today.

Maybe my mind was not really focused on the things at hand, due to all the craziness that happened all day long. That’s what happens when you are mad. You really can’t think clearly even if you wanted to. Glad it’s already bedtime already. Maybe it will bring the peace and calmness that I have been searching for all day. I just hope nothing bad happens tonight. But yes, tomorrow is another day.

High-Heeled Shoes


It was a Sunday and I attended mass with Jim. The priest had a very nice and charming story on his homily. When the mass was finished in an hour, I was surprised to see my friend, Nancy, in crutches. She shared that recently, she had a surgery to remove off her annoying tailors bunion and she told me that it did not hurt as much as she thought it would. She told me that Dr. Lee is a very good surgeon who was recommended by her long time podiatrist. The same podiatrist that I consulted years ago. It has been years since her foot problem had been bothering her. She had been searching high and low for the best shoes for bunions and she was unsuccessful on her quest. Instead, she took a drastic approach and chose surgery as her option. She was urging me to undergo surgery too, but I was afraid to do so. She told me that the surgeon gave her a mild sedative and she did not feel any pain during the process. Her surgeon made an incision on the side of her toe. She added that the surgeon shaved off excess bone spurs that was protruding against her footwear and he carefully aligned her toes to the original place with wires and screws to prevent it from protruding again. Her stitches looked fine and she told me that they are going to be removed in 21 days. His doctor told her that it would take her a month or so to recover, so she should not put weight on her feet if not necessary.

I also have bunion problems on my feet. Now, I just choose to wear wider toed shoes, avoid high-heeled shoes and sometimes, I even put shoe paddings to relieve tension on my bunions and it is going great so far. I got it when I was younger because I used to love wearing high-heeled shoes. My husband would not admit it until now, but I know that when he approached me at the party where we first met, he finds me sexy and I know that it was because of my high-heeled stilettos because it made my legs longer and my butt bigger. Anyway, wearing them caused my feet feel frequent pains and later on, I developed my disgustingly, gross bunions.

I have tried many things to relieve my foot pain like hot compress and taking pain relievers, while still wearing high-heeled shoes so it just cancelled each other out. That made me go to Nancy’s podiatrist and he asked me to get an x-ray first of my feet so he would know my real condition. When he saw my x-ray film, he told me that I should completely avoid wearing shoes like what I was wearing then in his office. I was not offended as he tried to break it to me gently and politely. He also suggested that I should always fit my shoes properly when buying new ones, even though I already know my shoe size. I thanked him with all his advises and since then, I have not felt that much pain as I did when I was wearing high-heeled shoes.

Great Weekend


This weekend, after our fun barbeque with our kids and their families, we ended up going to Lake Eerie to swim at the beach because our grandchildren were so pestered with the heat of summer. Our two girls, Meg and Maggie planned our itinerary and bought food and drinks for our impromptu beach trip. Before leaving, my husband Jim and I visited our bed and breakfast and we told our staff that, we are going out for a couple of hours and if there are problems that they cannot solve arises, they can contact me and my husband through our own, separate cellular phones.

It took us over an hour to get to the beach because our grandchildren had to buy swimwear at the mall because they did not know that they would be going to the beach. All the time that they were shopping, Jim and I just sat comfortably at the café while sipping my favorite mocha latte, while Jim was having his usual cappuccino with a stick of cigarette to perk up our busy day. We drove off and they were so excited, especially our grandkids to go swimming at the beach. I asked Meg and Maggie if they brought a high SPF Sunscreen to prevent sunburns and they told me that they have enough to cover all of us. I added that they should put it on an hour before going swimming. They forgot about it and they rushed to put sunscreen on their children. I thought to myself that something never changes because my two lovely, daughters are still forgetful at times.

I remember when they were younger and we used to frequent Lake Eerie. Both of them were so eager to swim as they went on swimming without putting on sunscreen. After a few minutes, both of them returned and they were crying because their skin hurt. They were asking me if it was a second degree burn like what they watched on TV last night and Jim told them that they aren’t that bad, but it is a lesson that they should learn to always listen to their parents and they both agreed. It was a good thing that we also brought a bottle of vinegar as a dipping sauce because it can also be used as a vinegar for sunburn. Meg and Maggie’s faces looked so funny when their dad was putting vinegar on their arms and back. They shared that it was soothing, but at the same time, they smell gross and Jim and I laughed at them.

I asked Meg and Maggie if they remembered that incident and both of them laughed loudly and told me that it will never happen ever again, not even with their kids. I told them that was a lesson learned, as they were not listening to me when I tell them things while their husbands laughed. I am very happy that they made time to spend a whole weekend with us because I really miss them. I hope they will not change and will still make time for their parents in the future.