Hi there friends! My name is Sasha Williams. I live in Milanville, Pennsylvania. I am a retired nurse. I live with my lovely husband of 25 years and am blessed to have two girls. They are all grown up now with their own families. Even though I am a retired person, my husband and I started our own bed and breakfast a few years ago. It was a way for us to have another source of income. In addition, it has always my dream to run my own bed and breakfast. When I retired, I fulfilled my dream to open one! It is hard work owning your own business but it is worth it. I love being able to set my own hours and be my own boss! Sometimes, I even run the bed and breakfast myself with the help of my husband. I also get to design how I want the bed and breakfast to look and the type of food that I serve. It is very rewarding and being able to fulfill my dream is a major milestone and accomplishment in my life.

My bed and breakfast is very warm and inviting. I want each guest to feel like they are comfortable just like they are in their own home. I want to further grow my business in a year or so and open another location that is closer to the beach. My bed and breakfast also have a history in our great city of Pennsylvania. A hundred year ago, a Prince once owned and lived on the property. I also provide tours to each of my guests to explain the history of the house. I even made the news one weekend and ever since then, we have started to became a major tourist attraction as well.