Neglected Spot


Lately, I only have time to tend to our dog, Spot during weekends as I always spend my weekdays at our bed and breakfast. I supervise our business as early as six in the morning and go home at around seven in the evening, so I always leave our dog some food and water during mornings before I leave and then I check up on him as soon as I get home in the evenings. My husband normally takes his noon naps in our house, so he sometimes bathe and plays with him if he has time.

As my husband was going to sleep, he heard Sport barking and howling outside. Jim went outside to check and he has not seen anyone besides the dog so he went back inside our bedroom, but as soon as he was going to lie in bed, Spot started to howl and bark again. He went outside and called Spot. He noticed that he has blood on his ears and he kept scratching them. He checked the insides of his ears and he saw lots of dirt in it. My husband called and told me about what happened to our dog, Spot. I told him that I could not afford to be absent today in our business because there are so many things that I have to deal with, so I asked him a favor to bring our dog to the veterinarian. I have a veterinarian friend and her name is Nancy. I gave my husband Nancy’s number, so he could call her right away.

Jim decided to bring our dog immediately because he is concerned about his condition. On his way to the clinic, he called Nancy and he told her about our dog’s condition. She told him that she has no appointments today, so he could drop by her clinic anytime. Nancy was surprised that Jim came fast. He told her that when he called her earlier that he was already on his way. She was wondering about why I was the one who brought the dog and I told her that my wife was busy and buried in paper works. She checked Spot’s both ears and she told me that his left ear has more yeast allergy than the right ear. She told me to always bathe him and clean his ears every day. She used a clean cloth to take most of the dirt inside the dog’s ears.

Spot was prescribed with steroid therapy to shut off his immune response and some antibiotic and anti fungal creams to apply over the affected area. Nancy reminded me to apply it twice a day. I have to first clean the affected area with a solution of water and alcohol and dry it before applying the ointments. She added that I have to keep applying it until the symptoms come off. Spot was also given allergy medicine for dogs to keep him from scratching himself that would lead him to have broken skin and lesions.