Vanity requires Hard Work


My daughter Meg called me last week to tell me that she plans to undergo a treatment called salicylic acid peel. I asked her about it because I have no idea what it was. She explained that it is a treatment to clear her face of dirt and oil because she is currently experiencing acne breakouts on her face and in some instances, some scalp acne, which she hated so much. She asked me if it happened to me when I was younger and I told her that I did not have any breakouts in my day. I joked that they have to blame their father because he used to have breakouts on his whole body and we both laughed about it.

Meg continued to tell me about her plans. She added that she still could not decide if she was going to ask for a professional’s help or she would just do it herself. I suggested that since it is going to be her first time to experience it, it is much, much better for the professionals to do the job as skin of the face is very delicate and she could not afford to have nasty accidents and burns. She thanked me about my advice and she told me that she would update me about her treatment as soon as she finish it.

I told my husband, Jim that our daughter called and joked that she was blaming him for all her recent acne breakouts and he grinned. He asked me about the reason why she called and I told him that she is going to have herself have a salicylic peel by a dermatologist. He asked me about how it will be done and I told him that did not have any idea because I did not ask our daughter earlier.

Jim got curious, so he researched on the web and found many sites with interesting information about it. I asked him if he also wanted a peel and we got a crack out of it. He told me that the peel sounded invasive because they use salicylic and he knew that it burns through the skin because it is also used to cure warts. I told him that professionals will do it and I am pretty sure that they would not do anything bad on our daughter’s face. He kept reading he told me the whole procedure of the treatment. He told me that they have to clean the face first with mild cleansers and then they will paint a layer of acetone on the face to get rid of dirt and oil. After a few minutes, they will then add a layer of salicylic acid with a brush, which will sting a bit. They would also add a second layer on problem areas like the T zone, which consists of the skin on the forehead and the nose. Then, the patient will have to wait for almost a week for the peeling to be done.

My husband and I thought that the process is tedious and painful. Our daughter would also have to stay inside the house for a whole week. I hope our daughter could endure that, because we know that she is very outgoing.