Getting Older


Last weekend, Jim and I planned to jog around our neighborhood for an hour because we felt that we have been gaining weight fast. We used to do this when we were younger and we thought that we should do it again for health reasons. Our two girls noticed that we were gaining weight and I told Jim that we should at least try to get in a better shape because I still want us to spend more time with our kids and grandchildren and he agreed. We woke up at around four in the morning, as we would like to jog outside and breathe fresh, cold air that we miss. Unfortunately, after just ten minutes, Jim had a nasty left sprained foot. I helped him walk through it because we did not have a choice because there were no people around to help us because it was too early in the morning. While we were walking, he told me about his tingling feet or numbness in feet, so we rested for a while. It was a good thing that he was sprained when we were not far away as we could already see our home from the place that we were resting. He told me that he should have stretched for a bit before jogging and I laughed at him. I told him that I reminded him earlier, but he just ignored me.

After a few minutes, we got up and went to our home. Jim was shaking his head while I was getting him some ice for his feet. I asked him about what it was and he shared that he really is getting old, because when he was younger, he did not stretch before exercising and he did not get sprains or any other kind of injuries. I reminded him that we all got older, even our little girls, and we both laughed at the matter. I gave him an ice pack because his left foot it swelling. I told him to leave the ice pack on his feet for a few minutes to keep the swelling down. I also told him to rest his feet and elevate them to have better blood circulation in his legs and feet to prevent the tingling feeling.

As I was cooking our breakfast in the kitchen, Jim approached and asked me if he could take pain relievers because his foot hurts badly. I told him that he could, but he should eat first because he does not want to feel stomach aches because medicines like that need to be taken with a full stomach. He agreed as he got back to his seat. I made French toast with some bacon and eggs on the side and Jim told me that we could not eat that anymore, if we would be serious about the health thing and we both grinned. I told him that it is okay to eat it them once in a while. I joked that he should hurry up eating because we still need to train for a marathon next month and we got a crack out of it.