Newly Found Shop


My husband and I were so happy that our two girls and their families are coming over this weekend. It has been a while since we all gathered as a family. The last time was a year ago during my 67th birthday. They are no special occasions this weekend and we just thought that it is a good idea because its summer and our grandchildren have no school to deal with. My husband was so busy with grocery shopping while I attend to the bed and breakfast. I already appointed one of our staff to be the acting manager this weekend since my husband and I will be spending the whole weekend with our family. We have still not figured out what we would be doing this weekend, but my husband has an excellent idea of making backyard barbeque the way we used to when our kids were younger and we both know that our two girls will love it.

My husband came from the grocery and he told me that he forgot to buy some things. I asked him if he used the list that I gave him last night and he just smiled and told me that he lost it. He always misplaces our things. He also has a hard time multi-tasking that well that is why I am more in charge of the business operations. He told me that he is going back to the grocery to get mustard, mayonnaise and red and green bell peppers. I told him that he should just rest and let me get it for him and he thanked me for it.

On my way to the grocery, I saw an establishment with balloons outside and it looked like that it is their opening day. I got curious and made a side trip before going back for the items that my husband forgot to buy. I was surprised that a new pet shop opened in our neighborhood. I went inside the shop and a man greeted me. He introduced himself as Mr. Parker. He told me that he did not grow up in Milanville, but his parents used to. I remembered a Parker Family who lived a few blocks away from our home and I asked him if his dad is Carson Parker. He smiled and told me that it is his dad. I asked how he is doing because we used to be classmates in middle school. He shared that he is good and he is currently enjoying his retirement in Europe.

I told him that his business looks great. He thanked me and told me to browse around and maybe we can do business. I told him that my grandchildren are coming over this weekend and I am hoping to get something for them. He told me that bunny breeds such as Lionhead bunnies and Havanas are quite popular now among kids. I told him that I do not know anything about bunnies and he offered me a brochure about bunny facts. I find them very useful, as I have no clue on how to take care of bunnies. I thanked him and told him that I will get back to him in a couple of hours after I finish my grocery shopping.