Don’t Keep Things Inside


Our daughter, Meg used to have a relationship anxiety before her marriage with her husband because she was having wedding jitters. She had a trauma because she was also engaged before with a loving man, but what we did not know that he was married to another girl and that devastated our daughter. It took her years to accept it and we are glad that she coped with what happened.

I was helping her with the planning of her wedding and I noticed that she was shaking, irritable and very moody. She often made a fuss over small things that could be easily solved. I also observed that she was not like herself, because she was sweating wildly and I know that there is something wrong because she do not panic about things easily. I asked her to come with me in a secluded room because we needed to talk about something private.

As soon as I closed the room, she started crying. I asked her about what was her problem and she told me that her past is haunting her. I told her that it would not happen again and we are pretty sure about that because Jim and I secretly hired a private investigator to snoop around his fiancée and the PI told us that he was clean. We did that because we don’t want to risk it happening to her again. She shared that she was having an anxiety chest pain for a few months since they have been planning her wedding. I asked her about why she did not tell me about it and she told me that, at first, she thought that it would just go away so she just ignored her symptoms. However, when it worsened, she tried to cope with it alone because she does not want to be a bother to us. I told her that she would not ever be a bother because she is my daughter and I love her so much. That made her cry and gave her another chest pain episode. I asked her if she already was undergoing a treatment and she told me that she is going to visit a psychologist this coming weekend. I told her that I would come with her whether she likes it or not and she thanked and she hugged me tightly.

The next day, we went to the psychologist to another town because my daughter wanted to make it a secret. She does not want other people knowing that she was having problems. The doctor asked what brought my daughter to her clinic and she told her about it. After a couple of hours of their session, the doctor told her that she should relax and she shouldn’t keep her problems inside her as she might just burst out with all her emotions without warning. The doctor suggested that she has a support group like her family and friends so she would have someone to confide with and he also reminded her that bad things happen, but do not wait for it to happen because she is just inviting all the bad vibes in her life.

Meg was glad about his visit and she told me that she plans to go again next week. I told her that I’m always available for her.