Wandering Around


I really enjoy what I do now, even better than my work when I was not retired because this is my ultimate dream and we are so fortunate enough that we have been given a chance to have the opportunity to experience it. It is hard work, but I do not mind because I love what I do now.

I go on my usual day of tending to my staff and our business, a small bed and breakfast just beside our home. Every day, I double check the paper works that my receptionist and cashier did the prior day to ensure that our business is working properly and organized. My husband and I are really hands on with our business because we both have plans to expand soon and I see to it that I always know what is going around, so I can quickly make a fix if there are problems with visitors or staff.

As I was inspecting the works of my staff, I heard something purring and meowing outside near the bushes. I rushed outside and saw a black and gray, stray kitten. She looked cold as she was shivering. I have a really soft spot for animals, so I carefully got her and took her inside. I asked for my staff to get me an old blanket, a warm milk and a basket where she can sleep. After a few minutes, my staff came back with just a warm milk and they told me that there were no old blankets lying around our stock room. They added that my husband took them to our garage last week. I thanked them as I fed the stray kitten with milk and she liked it. I told my staff that I am going home in a bit because I need to take care of the kitten.

I went home and my husband was surprised as he saw me with a kitten. He asked me where I got it and I told him that it was wandering around outside our establishment. I asked him if he took the old blankets because they were gone in the stock room. He pointed me to the garage and he added that we also have old baskets lying in there somewhere. I noticed that she has mange in cats and I quickly thought of calling my friend, Nancy. She is a veterinarian and has a clinic nearby our home. She was surprised that I called because it has been a while since we talked because I was busy with our business. She told me that I could drop by anytime to her clinic. I told her that I could be there in thirty minutes.

I went inside her clinic with the kitten and she smiled and told me that I have never changed. She remembered that when we were young, I adopted a number of stray animals along the years. She examined the kitten’s skin and she told me that she really has mange so she gave me a shampoo to take care of it. She also added that I also should take precautions about pancreatitis in cats because it has been popular lately with her cat patients. She told me that strays could be contaminated with parasites that can cause such disease. She offered to ultrasound my kitten to be sure and I agreed with her. She reminded me to watch out for common symptoms of pancreatitis like loss of appetite and lethargy.