Early Intervention


kidney stonesMy best friend Nancy went to my office a while ago and asked me what do kidney stones feel like because it seems that her mom has one, I refer her to this site www.removemykidneystones.com that explains it all. I was surprised with what she asked me because I thought that her mom is a health buff. She knew that my mother used to have one that is why she asked me. I told her that my mom used to have frequent urges to urinate, had some blood in the urine, but not detectable to the eyes and she often had late night chills due to infection. Nancy was alarmed by what I said because her mom has the same symptoms. I told her that she should be examined as soon as possible, so she could be treated during the early stages because she doesn’t want her mom to undergo surgery as it is an invasive procedure and pricey at the same time.

Nancy told me that her mom still does not have a doctor so I offered my mom’s doctor. I told her that Dr. Smith is one of the best nephrologists in Pennsylvania and I am sure that she would treat Nancy’s mom well. I gave her the doctor’s number and I told her to call him as soon as possible, as he has many patients in line. She agreed and thanked me for all my help. I told her to say hi for us, as we were close back then.

When Nancy got home, she did not waste any time and called Dr. Smith’s office immediately. The doctor’s secretary told her that there are lots of slots tomorrow morning. She booked the 9am to 10am. The secretary asked her to come early as they always prioritize early patients. She told her mom about it and was so happy because she is worried about her health.

The next day, Nancy and her mom arrived at exactly 8:30am. She talked to the secretary and told her that she was the one who booked the 9am appointment. The secretary politely asked her to wait until their name is called. After just a few minutes, they went inside the doctor’s office. Dr. Smith asked her mom what brought her to the clinic. She told the doctor that he was referred by me. I am glad that he still remembers me. He told Nancy’s mom that she needs a full blood workup and a urinalysis and they will start from there. He also added that he might need to x-ray and ultrasound her abdomen to be accurate on his findings. He noticed that Nancy’s mom was panicking and he tried to pacify her by telling her that she should not worry so much because there are a number of cheap, yet effective home remedies for kidney stones. It includes eating many carrots for vitamin A for a healthy urinary tract, vitamin B6, which helps battle forming of oxalate that prevents forming of kidney stones and drinking enough milk, which would give her slimmer chances on getting stones. The information gave her mom more breathing room as they wait in the laboratory for her turn for her examinations.