Warning: Smoking Kills


My husband has been a cigarette smoker even before we knew each other. He told me that he started smoking during college. I have tried to nag him to quit for years, but it did not work. He told me that smoking is like his way of de-stressing himself of all his problems every day. Like with every whiff off his smoke, all his problems gone astray. I told him that there are other better ways that could alleviate his stress like sports, watching TV or even hanging out with his buddies. He shared that he tried to quit a few times, but he could not. I told him that I did not know that and he said that he did not want me to know that he failed and I hugged him. I told him that if he really wanted to quit, I could always help him and who knows that; maybe, his third time is the charm.

I asked him about the reason why he wanted to quit in the first place and he said that a buddy of him died months ago. He did not know about what was the exact condition that killed him, but it was a toss-up between bronchitis vs. pneumonia because he knew that he had problems with breathing and he was smoking a lot like two to three packs of Marlboros per day. He could barely remember, but he thought that he heard him mention bronchitis remedies one time, so maybe it was bronchitis. The last time that they have talked was a few days before his friend died. He visited him in the hospital and he felt so bad to look at him because he was wearing an oxygen mask just to breathe properly. The last words that his friend told my husband was that he needed to quit before something like that happens to him. His friend died because there was too much fluid in his lungs and the doctors were too late when they have tried to resuscitate him. He added that he did not attend the funeral because he was afraid to see the scenario that might happen to him. He added that he was the one who taught him how to smoke back when they were younger.

I researched on the web for steps on how to quit smoking for good. I have read many interesting articles that I am sure that Jim would love to read. I have read that since he has been smoking for more than fifteen years, he is a nicotine addict, so he needs some help from nicotine patches as these god sent patches will help him gradually lessen and quit smoking for good. There are also a number of things that could help his addiction like chewing gum or hard candy when he has urges to smoke. He could also use delaying tactics like diverting his attention to other things instead of giving in to his urges.

I know that quitting smoking would be very hard, but I will always be at my husband’s side through the good and bad times. I know that we could do it. I just need to motivate him each day and always remind him about the reason why he is trying to quit.