Constant Consultations


We again tried to jog last weekend. It was better as my husband, and I finished a whole hour without any problems or injuries whatsoever. We just did not bring enough water though, so my husband and I experienced some dehydration, so as soon as we went home, we rushed to hydrate ourselves. After a few minutes, Jim experienced some light-headedness and he vomited. I told him that he must have pushed himself too much, with our exercising and he agreed about what I said. I told him to rest for a while, as I will prepare our breakfast. He told me that after vomiting, he had a sweet taste in mouth, even after he brushed his teeth and gargled with a mouthwash. He asked me if I have experienced that kind of symptoms and I told him that I experienced another taste, which happened when I was pregnant with our daughter, Maggie. I had a constant metal taste in mouth back then, and my doctor told me that I should not worry as much, because it was because of my overactive hormones. The doctor added that once the first trimester is done, it would gradually fade away and I am glad that it did because it was annoying that I always had to brush my teeth and scrape my tongue every hour. It also gave me loss of appetite, as I could not properly taste my food.

I suggested Jim to have a consult with his doctor because it has been a while since his last one, which was a year ago. He agreed and asked me a favor to book it for him because he was still feeling beat up because of the hour of jogging that we have gone through. His doctor was happy that I called and I booked my husband’s appointment because it was really needed, as it could be serious.

We went to the hospital after lunch and saw his doctor. Jim told him what happened and the doctor told him that it could be serious, but he should not worry that much because he is in safe hands. That made my husband feel better. He has undergone a series of tests, which lasted for hours. His results told us that he had GERD or Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease. It is a disease wherein it occurs when stomach content flows back into your food pipe or esophagus because of too much acid. We asked the doctor if it was serious and he told us that it could easily be cured with medicines and proper precautions that my husband must follow. He was prescribed with proton pump inhibitors to counter too much acidity in stomach to be taken for a few days, until symptoms fade.

The doctor also reminded him to cut down his smoking, drinking beer and eating spicy foods. He applauded and told us that it is good that we are trying to jog every weekend, but he warned us about over exerting our effort, as are already old and we cannot do the things that we used to do back in the day. He asked us to come back next week to see if he is getting better.