Accidents Happen


I was having a great time bonding with the staff of my bed and breakfast as I was waiting for my husband, Jim to return. He was out for an errand too long. He normally takes just an hour when he goes to the grocery to restock our pantry but now, it was over two hours and I was worried about my dear husband. I tried calling him and he was not answering his phone. After a couple of minutes, a yellow cab pulled over in front of our establishment and I saw Jim with a sling on his left arm. I was shocked as I rushed outside to talk to him. I tried to gather my thoughts while breathing deeply and I was glad that I was able to compose myself that fast. I asked about what happened to him and I was wondering where our car was. He apologized to me, as he did not have a phone. I told him that he has one. He just smiled and told me that he left it in our bedroom. I was mad and I just stared at him. He pacified me while telling me what happened. He told me that he was finished with grocery shopping and was loading the bags at the back of our car and some guy just ran passed over him as policemen were chasing the guy and that made him slam to the trunk of his car and then to the ground.

Fortunately, a kind-hearted man saw what happened to Jim and he brought him to the hospital. Jim told me that he suffered a shoulder subluxation and the doctor told him that the pain in left shoulder is just normal. He added that his shoulder was not dislocated, but it is unstable. For now, he was instructed to take pain reliever pills and rest his shoulders for a week before he takes out the sling permanently. I hugged him and cried. He hugged me back and we went inside our home. I asked him if he was hungry and he told me that he wants a ham sandwich if it is okay. I smiled and told him that I will even make him a freshly squeezed orange juice just for him and we both laughed. He mentioned that our car was in the parking lot and he can get it later, but I told him that she should just rest inside the house. I will just ask someone from our staff to get it for us.

I just remembered that Jim had frozen meat and ice cream on our grocery list so I quickly went to the bed and breakfast next door to ask Andy, our custodian to get the car and he told me that he will take good care of our car as I thanked him. I also gave him extra money for gas and for his trouble.

I am just glad and thankful that nothing serious happened to Jim. From now on, I will just ask Andy to restock the shop’s pantry for us. I do not want that to happen again to Jim ever again.