Maggie’s First Love


One lovely Sunday morning at our bed and breakfast, I was having a cup of coffee while enjoying the great view. Up to this very moment, I still couldn’t believe that my husband and I are realizing our dreams of having our own business after we both retired. This is really a dream come true for the both of us. If only our two daughters with their families could be with us here all the time.

Unfortunately, they have to live in the city for their bread and butter. So, they only visit us on summer breaks. I grabbed my phone and called my eldest daughter, Meg to check on them. However, she wasn’t picking up her phone. So, I tried calling my youngest daughter, Maggie and she was quick to answer the phone. Apparently, she is working from home today because she needs to take care of her son who is currently having recurrent high fever.

During our phone conversation, she inquired about how I managed to get rid of my stretch marks on my butt area as she still has stretch marks on breasts and her upper thighs. I told her to religiously put cocoa butter cream and rose hip oil on the affected area, which are most effective in the treatment of stubborn stretch marks. I also added that it would take months of putting the cream and oil twice a day before she sees an improvement on her stretch marks. I asked her why she was all of a sudden, so conscious about it.

She then told me her plan of putting a tattoo over stretch marks, but the tattoo artist was honest about the disadvantages of putting one over stretch marks. According to him, deep or dark stretch lines are not a good spot for tattoos as the ink might appear lighter on it as compared to the ink on a clear skin. So, he advised her to try to lighten her stretch marks first before putting a tattoo. After about 6 months, Maggie was ecstatic when she called to inform me that she finally got a tattoo. She thanked me for my piece of advice as it worked wonders on her stretch marks. She finally decided to put a wave tattoo on her upper right thigh, which symbolizes her first love, which is surfing.

When she told me about this, I couldn’t help but reminisce about the times when they were still young and were just starting to learn to ride the waves. Maggie was so scared when she first tried surfing and vowed never to try it again. However, after she rode her first wave she got addicted to it and her love for the sport started from there. Before we hang up, we agreed to head to a surfing site together with her family and her sister’s family for a get together. Both of us were very excited about this trip, as this will be something that we can look forward to whenever we are swamped with our own workload.