Old Maids No More


I am glad that my two girls are very happy with their own families right now. They already have kids and I advised them that they should always do what is best for their families. I used to think that they would be old maids because both of them had a difficult time dealing with their relationship problems. Meg used to be in a three-year-old relationship with a controlling boyfriend who used to ask her every minute of the day about where she was and what she was doing at the moment. I asked her what was that about and she told me that she did not know why he was acting like that because he used to be sweet and very gentle. She tried to endure most of the time, but she came to a point that she was at her limit. To make it short, she had a bad breakup with him because she felt suffocated with what he was treating her and I fully supported her with her decision. I told her that a relationship should not be like that.

On the other hand, Maggie was supposed to get married to her then boyfriend, but something bad happened to him. He is an executive for an advertising company and he often goes overseas to expand their business. Sadly, when he was coming back to US, his plane went into flames and crashed in the desert of Nevada. Authorities investigated what happened and they told the public that it was the maintenance crew’s fault. Many were injured and unfortunately, her fiancée died in the tragic accident. She grieved for months, as she did not know how to get over someone as precious as him. She spent months locked inside her room weeping all day and all night. We all felt sorry for her, but we did not know what to tell her so her dad and I just listened to what she had to say. We offered to take her to counseling, but she told us that she wants to vent and rant to family, rather than to a total stranger. In a few weeks, she had been better, but she was still bitter with what happened.

A few years passed and both of our daughters moved on gradually. They met their soon to be husbands in college and I am glad that they did as they really love and cherish our daughters. I remember during their respective weddings, I really cried my heart out because it was a bittersweet feeling, that they are finally moving on with their lives for the better, but then, it wasn’t going to be the same again because they would be busy with their own families. Jim, on the other hand, was so happy for our beloved daughters because he thought that they would never love again and just stay with us for the rest of their lives at home. I am glad that our daughters never forget about us because they still try to visit us as much as they could every month and I love them for that. I miss our kids.