Home Service


My husband and I have been stuck for two days in front of our tables, finishing the accounting of our bed and breakfast business because we have to beat the deadline for filing the taxes this week and we could not afford to get a penalty. Our backs hurt so bad. I have a middle back pain, while Jim has a right side back pain. Our only break was when we have to urinate and eat. I really hated cramming because I am not good at it. On the other hand, Jim loves the pressure and he always beats deadlines. Back when he was younger, he used to work as a public accountant and he is really good at dealing with numbers. He told me that he could stand to sit all day because he used to have an ergonomic chair in his office with excellent lumbar support to boot.

right side back pain

I asked him about the chair that he used to use in his office when he was still an accountant and he asked me what about it. I told him that we needed to buy that kind of chair so our backs will not hurt as much. He said that it was a really fine chair, but it comes with a very steep price. I asked him about the price and I almost dropped my glass when he told me that the chair costs for almost a thousand dollars and Jim laughed at me and he said that it was really that comfortable that their bosses bought them for their offices. I told him that I would just spend our money for a nice massage every day.

Jim was thrilled about it as he asked me if I was serious about it because he told me that his back really hurts. I told him that we could arrange a home service massage later after our dinner and we both agreed. I called their office and availed their service. The lady that I spoke to, told me that they would arrive within an hour, she just asked for our address and landmarks of our home, so they could easily pinpoint our location. I told Jim that I already called the massage services and we should get ready. I told him to take a bath first and I would follow suit.

After dinner, it was just in time that someone pressed our doorbell and it was the masseuse. We were both thrilled because it has been a while since we got a good back massage. We both had an hour of massage and it felt heavenly. We gave the masseuse a generous tip for a job well done. She thanked us and asked us if we always experience back pain because they also have a chiropractic service and maybe, we need our backs adjusted. I told her that from time to time that we experience back pain, but nothing really serious. She added that they will have a promo next week, 20% off on their chiropractic services and maybe, that might interest us. I thanked and told her that we would think about it.